Things to do in Kent for Locals and Visitors

KentEvent is a great site which provides a plentiful amount of information about what there is to do in Kent. Whether you live here, or are just visiting, the list is comprehensive and informative, meaning that you should never be short of things to do while here.

If you live in Kent all year round and have some extra things lying around the house, why not check out one of the Boot Fairs on this site. Instead of surfing the internet and playing things like partypoker, one weekend you can have a good old clean out. Come to a sale and sell your spare things, it will make you feel really productive afterwards.

Perhaps you are thinking of visiting Kent, and need a bit of advice on what to do while here. This can also be decided by the links on this site. There are some great events such as the Honnington Country Fair, which takes place on Sunday 4th September this year. This includes the Italian Car and Bike Day, which showcases a variety of Italian cars such and bikes such as Ferraris and Lambrettas.

In addition to this, the fair features all the trademark entertainment stands like a coconut shy and free face painting for children. A big part of the fair is the animal events. These include ferret racing, dog agility, rabbit show-jumping and duck herding. You will not want to miss these unique events, they definitely provide a great, unique spectator story to tell.

For those of us who are particularly interested in music, the Maritime Jazz Festival takes place from Thursday 22nd September until Sunday 25th September this year. This is set to be a great event, with table seating and cheap food. If you are a budding musician, there are workshops which you can attend and bands to watch.

There is so much to do in Kent, so check out the rest of this site and begin your adventure.

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