Terms & Conditions

KentEvent offers advertising to suppliers and entertainers who wish to submit their details and pay an annual fee to be included on the site.

KentEvent does not validate or confirm details of an advert are accurate in anyway other than by taking payment from the customer. There are no guarantees offered by KentEvent that the advertisers offer the service they suggest in their advert or that they are 100% reliable. (Although experience indicates all advertisers are serious about offering a quality and professional service to clients).

KentEvent has no part in any contract or booking of a service as a result from a link on the KentEvent website.

KentEvent may refer any direct enquiries it receives for information regarding events services direct to advertisers on the site who KentEvent feel may be able to help assist with the enquiry.

KentEvent does not guarantee search engine positions of the site or traffic to the site although efforts are made to try and achieve the highest search engine positions and generate large volumes of targeted traffic within affordable limits.

KentEvent has the right to change entries on the site if it feels that they are derogative to other advertisers or not appropriate for the content of the site in the interests of the fairness, style and content.

KentEvent does not guarantee the site will be live 365 24/7, every effort will be made to keep it this way but if a technical problem should prevent this no refunds will be offered.

KentEvent offers no refunds to advertisers once their entry has been activated on the site, however changes can be made to entries using the advertiser login section of the site.

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